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About the servers. PHOBIA is a great place for improvement! Our Servers will aim towards players looking for quality gameplay, no "PAY 2 WIN" skin purchases or other blatant monetization options. A perfect spot for people to gather after competitive MIX rivalries, to just shoot around and practice your aim skills. Our vision - to gather a wide assortment of a community from places all over the world! Provide you with room to test your local skills with players from other countries and more importantly for you and your friends to have fun. Our Prices - in order to keep a healthy economy, PHOBIA has made a decision to have a bit higher than average market prices for VIP, ADMIN and DONATOR statuses therefore providing a natural balance between more privileged and casual players. Our Variety - we thrive to provide you players with a major assortment of available maps on our main Public server, together with all the flashy new stuff we do not forget the classics such as DUST2 and DUST2x2 the ladder will have servers dedicated all to themself. Why are we different - PHOBIA is determined to respect and listen to our playerbase, as most of us know there are too many examples of projects with players left to fend for themselves in regards to cheaters / server related issues - we promise you an exact opposite! Community requested updates will be checked upon daily and server improvements will be conducted on a weekly and monthly basis. (PHOBIA is also looking forward to provide players with even wider arrangement of servers with all the popular modifications such as Hide and Seek, Deathrun or Zombie)

What will you find?

Our exceptional ranking system. As soon as you log into our servers, you will notice continuously changing numbers right beside your nickname, those will reflect your overall K/D performances (More info on: http://phobia.lt/restartrank.html). Servers dedicated to quality oriented performance and functions only necessary for improvement of the ladder mentioned. This does not mean we are indifferent from standard gameplay and to prove this statement wrong I invite all of you to try it out for yourselves. Administrators will be provided with the most efficient tools of moderation to ensure player integrity. Since we will be following the "GRAND OPENING" scheme, some of the functions such as /me, /hp, real-time bullet damage (VIP only) will be turned off during the first days of our runtime to prevent any server stability issues, bugs, etc. To every single player who decides to not invest their funds into monetary purchases such as VIP, we promise that YOU will NOT be EXCLUDED from any of the weapon usage or other game offered advantages! ... However, You won't find annoying advertisements, spam filled chat and "Balloon popping" or "Legoland" type of sound addons.


Our goal is not to compete with already existing projects, we respect each and every ongoing project related to 1.6 community and can only wish them the very best! However, what we will be trying to do is to offer an ability to jump back in time and enjoy the game in a "back in the day" fashion. With the Global Pandemic issues and more than 12 years in the past, could there be a better time?


Experience and professional integrity is our priority. Even though servers will offer some of the ADMIN opportunities to players who choose to share monetary donations, the server will be looked upon by our internal Administrators to make sure there is no privilege abuse. Our team as of today consists of people from a variety of different countries such as Albania, United States, Romania and Germany. This brings in a sense of freshness to the scene, with a mixed profile of gameplay traditions. There is always an opportunity for YOU to fill in your applications and send them to us via our Forums to be released soon. Besides that you can always bring in your ideas using our Discord server and if you get noticed, there is always a chance for you to join our team! Administrators who are caught breaking our internal rules are expelled immediately.

Prizes and incentives

To achieve a more lively community, at the end of each month players who prove to be most skillful and active will be awarded with various prizes such as VIP/ADMIN privileges, Counter Strike 1.6 STEAM game-keys and even our exclusive branded T-SHIRTS (with your nickname) !


To start off, ever since my youth I enjoyed spending time on making and/or editing published mods for CS and always dreamt of releasing something on a greater scale, however until now resources were scarce. Older players should understand - Internet speeds worthy of a spot in a snail race, Windows XP operating system and lack of ideas were just several gaps which had to be faced. Thus for the experience and resources which were gathered during this rather long period of time, pushed me to finally thrive and seek this "Dream" of mine.

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