Rules/Ban lenght/Reasons


This topic is written in CAPSLOCK for a reason. No matter who are you and what kind of privileges you have (DONATOR/VIP/ADMIN/PLAYER) rules abusing will lead you to punishment. BAN, privilegy loss will happen for everyone who will break the rules written down bellow. Please read them all and be careful because our actions are final and not subject to appeal.

Rights and recommendations

If you've got banned, do not hurry to pay money for UNBAN feature unless you were really cought cheating or broke the rules down below. You have all the rights to appeal ban on our forum, report privileged players, admins who are abusing the rules. We strongly recommend you to register your nick to protect your points and nick. Read all the server commands down below the rules to get more info about registration.


  • Cheating/Scripts - PERMANENT BAN.
  • Racism - 1h GAG. Later - PERMANENT BAN.
  • Rasistic nickname - Warning, kick, 2 days BAN
  • Troublemaking/camping with C4 - 60min. BAN
  • Swearing - GAG 1h. If repeats 7days BAN.
  • Insulting - 1,2,3 kicks. Later - BAN
  • Clan/Nick copying - 3h BAN.
  • Blocking players - 1h-2h BAN.
  • Voice chat meaningless using - 1h GAG.
  • 16bit quality setting - 1 week BAN.
  • Flooding chat - 1,2 kicks. Later - 1 week BAN.
  • Colored models - PERMANENT BAN.
  • Avoiding play C4 - 5h BAN.
  • [ZM] Zombies MUST attack.
  • [ZM] Reconnecting if turned to zombie.
  • [ZM] Farming AMMO while AFK.
  • [ZM] Farming AMMO in other illegal way.
  • [ZM] Placing lasermines in a buggy/glitchy way.


  • Abusers will LOSE their privileges IF
  • Meaningless use of admin say (@)
  • Swearing on (@)
  • Kicks/slaps/slays for fun are forbidden.
  • Changing maps that are not in a maps base.
  • Changing maps when 10min left.
  • Changing maps, unless it's bugged.
  • Bringing votes for fun.
  • Bringing votemap, unless map size doesn't fit players online amount.
  • BAN players due to personal reasons.
  • Stay mature, respectable, solid.
  • [ZM] Abusing /adminmenu.
  • [ZM] To turn youself into nemesis/survivor.
  • [ZM] Use of game modes is forbidden (unless it's a must).

Ingame server commands

  1. /buy - Buy privileges like VIP or ADMIN, reset your skillpoints to 0.
  2. /reg - To protect your nickname and skill points you can register.
  3. /vm - Will get a VIP menu. (only for VIP players)
  4. /contact - All the possible ways to reach us for requests or suggestions.
  5. /phobia - You will enter our website.
  6. /lang - Change languange to yours.
  7. /rs - Will reset your deaths/kills on a scoreboard (TAB)
  8. /rank, /skill - Check your CLASS and skillpoints amount.
  9. /top15 - Check TOP 12 players of the server.
  10. /rtv - Rock the vote to change a map.
  11. /rankstats - Check your rank stats.
  12. /restartrank - Will show you info about resetting your skillpoints to 0.
  13. /servers - Redirects you to another server.
  14. /points - Will inform you what is < number > near your nickname.

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